Thursday, August 4, 2011

waiting you ,

always waiting fer you dear ,
i hope i'll never give up , but if i give up i'll forget you .
im sure that i'll happy if you always beside me ,
just like you know , i like you damn much since we meet fer the 1st tyme
but that tyme i must xcept that you've a gal .

plish r  you jgn crik owg yg cun n hot tp aty dy ta se'cun' rupa paras nye ,
the important things bila nak couple is HEART !
ta smpai aty tgok you sedih , 
i always with you but you never see me .
sye sygs awak sepenuh aty sye , awk sndri tao kan .
kite da brape lama knal n sye prnah ckp bnda nieh dkt awk , 
awak stuju tp awk ta smpai aty nak tnggal kan awek awk , 
skunk nieh sye tgok awk yg mnderita , can you open your heart fer me ?

hhmm , sye ta bole nak pkse awk .
awk sndri kata awk sygs sye n suwoh sye tnggu kan ,
smpai skunk sye tnggu awk tao ta .
ta ad laki lain yg boleh buat sye appy .
awk jew yg memahami aty sye , awk jew yg pandai ambk aty sye bila sye mrah 
sye harap awk dpt bkk aty awk tok sye !
sye akan bhagia kan awk , 
awk sndri tao cam mn prangai sye kan .
im really2 love you MR H !
waiting you <3

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