Tuesday, October 25, 2011

wanna go with my fwen

here some place that i wanna go with my fwen 
come on fwen , let's go this place !!!

* broga hill 

* genting highlands 

* beach and sunset

nak pegi , nak pegi ! jum jum , make this our activity 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


here i wnna too show you my SAYANG <3 
really love her tightly

her name NORHASYIMAH ( sorry if salah eja syg <3 )
she is my bestie fwen , always 
i love her tightly coz she'll always beside me either im sad or happy
she is a sweet girl ( puji ikhlas okey )
always lepaking with her n now i can't wait too see you my dear 
we'll be crazy crazy and crazy later 
this is some pixca of us , enjoy it 

p/s : love you muchie much 
don leave me okey syg :)

Monday, October 17, 2011

CHARLIE bite me !

nieh la binatang yg bernama CHARLIE too !
binatang nieh telah gget bahu ak , ggrrr 
ta guna pnya CHARLIE 
d sbb kan ' ko ' ak demam then bahu ak luka 
haih !

my ADEK ,

entry nieh tok ko dek , ahhahahahha :D
* webcam with him ,
sorry dek ak snap pixca nieh tanpa pengetahuan ko sbb tyme nieh ko comel 
bongok jew wc ngn ko ! 
apew2 pown ko mmg the coolest bro that i have :) 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

HUNGRY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kelaparan melanda ! help !!!!!!!
i wnna this ryte now !!!!!

* yummy 

and i wnna this too
* delicious

i wnna i wnna !

Saturday, October 15, 2011


okey bosan tatao nak buat apew 
entry nieh pown bosan gak sbb tatao nak tulih apew ,
okey bye 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

back to me plish ?

i wanna you back , can i ?
i stll hope you back too me 
i like n love you very much mr G 

our latest pixca

late upload , sorry 
 * with my lovely adopt bro n friend
 * emiey mieysagie here
 * the ugly of piqu
 * isn't we're sweet like couple ? ahhahahahahahah , sure not coz his just my cooler fwen
* with him again coz he like too snap a pixca , ahahhahahah

* that all , next tyme i'll snap more than this 

* sigh

huh , idk what i wnna to type act .
but now im really2 miss someone that i love .
whose ? its be my secret 
how can you forget me syg ?
i always rmmber you , miss you and love you like before . but you .... hhmmm 
apew2 pown i hope you'll be happy ever after ,

p/s : miss my girlfriend AZIATUL NAZLEEN n my lovely adopt bro SYUKRI too 

Sunday, October 9, 2011


too jew ayat yg ak bole gambar kan skunk 
why ? sebab suda bertemu ngn adek kesyngn kuh !
besh gilak smlm , smpai pukul 5 pgy ktowg lpak d DATARAN MERDEKA yg bising too 
thnx adek coz lpak ngn ak , 
ko cool gila r 
syg ko ketat2 dek :) 

pixca ? sure ad but akan d upload kemudian 
will missing you , 
nnty trun KL agy okey 
kite lpak agy 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


this entry will make me always remember him ,
al-fatihah too my late grandpa yg baru meninggal dunia pd pukul 1.30 pgy tdi ( i guess ) 
ALLAH lbih syg kan atuk , so biar lah dy pergi dgn aman .
semoga roh atuk d tmpat kan d kalangan org2 yg soleh , amin amin 
maaf sbb ta dpat nak alik kmpg sbb i've a class 
pack sgt2 .