Tuesday, April 5, 2011

can i be like you baby ?

ilysha my baby ! can i be like you sygs ? 
dpat boy yg memahami , caring , sweet , romantik ! 
aawwww , sume ad laaaa . 
package ! heee 
jelesh tgok you tao baby ! nak nak boy yg cam too jgak .
mn nak crik yea ? hahahaahhahah 

ska tgok pixca you ngn boy you baby , 
sweet sgt ! mmg padan r . 
i hope you kekal ngn dy smpai ke jinjang pelamin k ! 
jgn lupa jemput i if you tunang apew sume ! 
i VVIP k ! ahaahahha 

p/s : sajew ska buat entry nieh , ska tgok awk appy ILYSHA ! 
jgn mrah yea baby kuh , 
i wanna be like you ! heee , you are my idol ! ewahh !


  1. awwwhh, terharu I baby. you know? I am grateful for having Hazim in my just need to be patient. and to terlalu nk mencari. relax je okay? one day will come. trust me. it can be tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, 10 years? haha, not that lama laaa. dun worry. setiap org ade jodoh nye, cuma cepat n lambat je baby ! saba j k?

  2. yeah ! i know sygs . just wanna be like you bby ! heee